Teaching Social Research Methods in a time of Crisis

Date & Time: 20th July 2020, 10am – 1pm

Location: Online

A discussion on teaching research methods in a lively and engaged way in a time of crisis

How can we carry on teaching research methods in a lively and engaged way, without merely retreating into textbooks, during this time of crisis? The Sociological Review are holding an online event where teachers of social research methods are encouraged to bring and discuss problems, as well as share ideas, about how we might address the practical and ethical issues around teaching social research methods in the next academic year. Moving to online teaching, or teaching with social distancing, poses a particular challenge for those who teach social research methods in a ‘hands-on’ way. We want to introduce our students to methods in a way that engages their sociological imaginations and inspires them to carry out innovative and critical projects rather than reproducing the ‘boring methods course’. But how do we reconcile the need to preserve engaged and innovative methods teaching while keeping our students safe?

The stakes are high as the way we adapt social research methods and the ways in which we teach these takes place against the backdrop of an ongoing empirical crisis in the social sciences, our ways of teaching and doing research challenged by a broader politics questioning the value(s) of empirical research.

The event aims to facilitate these discussions and bring together the social research methods teaching community.

2 thoughts on “Teaching Social Research Methods in a time of Crisis

  1. Hi there, when will the review/notes on the event be available? (Registration maxed out very quickly, sadly.)

    1. Hi Moira, Yes, there will be a reflection piece about the event published on our blog in a month or so. Best, Zoe Walshe (Digital Content Officer).

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