Chronic Illness and the Academy

Chronically ill academics are not invisible. We are everywhere: as students, teachers, and colleagues. And neither are our illnesses invisible. Not really. Not if you come to know us; if you learn what to look for, to listen for, to ask. Less visible, but insidious and disabling, is the ableism that ensures we do our own work to render our illnesses (and therefore large parts of ourselves) as invisible as possible. In the spirit of rendering all things more visible, and of celebrating different ways of being and working Anna Ruddock has curated this collection of blog posts by chronically ill academics. Sharing personal narratives of illness and disability takes courage in any forum, but to do so within one’s professional realm demands an acquiescence to vulnerability that is to be admired – and without which, this collective project could not exist. But it does exist. Things are astir. Onwards.