Technical notes for authors

It is helpful if authors submitting papers to The Sociological Review draw attention to the debates they seek to enter either through careful reference to work that has appeared recently in the pages of The Sociological Review or in a letter setting out their aims.

The following notes are suggestions designed to help the preparation of typescript for publication. Experience has shown that authors can be saved much inconvenience if their papers are typed in a form which the printer can deal with without substantial amendment.

Initial typescript

1. Please submit your paper via the following link:

2. All pages should be numbered.

3. Single quotation marks should be used throughout – where applicable double quotes should be used within single quotes.

4. Sub-titles, section headings and sub-headings should be typed in lower case letters, with capitals for the first word and proper names (where appropriate).

5. All titles of books should be in italics.

6. Where footnotes are used they should be numbered throughout the paper (1,2,3 etc.) and placed at the end of the article.

7. The Sociological Review adheres to the APA reference style. View the APA guidelines to ensure your manuscript conforms to this reference style.

8. Maps, figures and diagrams should be supplied electronically and where necessary permissions obtained. The positioning of these within the text should be clearly marked. Please include any figures, maps, diagrams etc in with the text in your initial submission.

9. The typescript should be carefully checked for errors before it is submitted for publication.

10. Please use ie and eg not i.e. and e.g.

11. We require an abstract up to a maximum of 250 words and ask that the paper is 7-8,000 words long (in total, including abstract and references). Papers over 8,000 words cannot be accepted.

12. You will be required to suggest two referees for your paper. Please have their email addressesready. Also please note that authors having papers accepted in The Sociological Review will be expected to act as referees for other papers submitted in the future.

13. It is vital that papers are anonymised. Any papers found not to conform to this requirement will be rejected. Microsoft Word saves metadata about you into your documents. You must take steps to remove this data.

14. If your contribution includes material which is not your copyright, you are responsible for submitting with your manuscript the written permission from those who control copyright of that material to include it and reproduce it within your contribution. For more information on this, please see this page on the website of our publisher, Sage.

15. Should your article be accepted for publication, you will also need to fill out a copyright form to authorise us to publish your article. You can find this form in PDF format here.