Streetlife: The Shifting Socialities of the Street

Tuesday 15 September 2015, 10.00 – 18.00, University of Kent

A symposium sponsored by The Sociological Review

The street has long been a key laboratory for studies of social life, from the roots of urban sociology in the pioneering ethnographies of the Chicago School through to the diverse studies considering the performative, affective and non-representational nature of social practice through in situ examination of street etiquette and encounter. For all this, the street remains only loosely defined, and sometimes disappears from view in studies in which social action is privileged over material context.

This symposium – and a subsequent special issue of The Sociological Review – will act as a spur to take the street more seriously in contemporary sociology, and will demonstrate the value of a more careful scrutiny of the importance of the street as a site, scale and field for sociological research.

For more information or to register, see the symposium’s website at the University of Kent.

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