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Thinking and writing sociologically, as The Sociological Review’s manifesto outlines, has always been an art as much as a science. It ‘involves intricate and complex sets of sensitivities and sensibilities that require fostering and developing, orientated towards emerging issues as well as the perennial debates.’

We are seeking high quality fiction that is considered, reflective and attuned to these sensitivities, that is sociological in style, scope and sensibility – work that imaginatively extends sociology’s study of society into fiction. We are seeking submissions of sociological short stories that critically and creatively explore the social as well as the politics and consequences of sociology itself.

There is a growing current of work on sociological fiction. See our blog series on Fiction and Sociology, Sense’s Social Fictions Series, and TCS’ E-Special on Fiction and Social Theory. (Re)visit the novels of WEB Du Bois, Zora Neale Hurston, Frank Parkin, Raymond Williams, Ann Oakley, and Patricia Leavy. Check out Francis St Press’ So Fi Zine for stories, poetry and other works that brings together art and sociology.

As in the journal, we are interested in work that is ‘demonstrably alive.’ Send us stories that illustrate, illuminate, translate, examine, unfold, flip, and stress. Submit fictional interventions that ‘pose questions about the conditions of possibility.’

With each sociological short story submission writers will also submit an exegesis of the work – a short piece of critical writing that unpacks and contextualises the story. An exegesis may highlight key concepts, overview related research, provide insight into process, and demonstrate the sociological significance of the short story. The exegesis will be published alongside the short story on The Sociological Review’s Fiction website.

Writers’ Guidelines

– Format: short story plus exegesis
– Length: fiction up to 3000w, exegesis up to 500w
– Style: sociological short stories
– Referencing: same style as blog ie hyperlinked (for exegesis)
– Copyright: work must be previously unpublished

Please send your fiction to

Please send submissions in a .doc or .docx file only. Use separate files for separate submissions. Stories should use Times New Roman font, size 12. Please include ‘TSR Fiction Submission’ in your email submission subject line.

The Fiction Editor for The Sociological Review is Ashleigh Watson. Ashleigh is a writer and sociologist, and the creator/editor of So Fi ZineSo Fi is an independent, openly accessible sociological fiction publication.

Originally posted 29th August 2018.

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