Call for Blog Posts: Populism, People and the Media

Originally posted Wednesday 30th May 2018

Political life in the West has become increasingly volatile and polarised. Anger at elites, disillusion with established forms of representation and experience of economic uncertainty has led to a growth of support for populist parties. This resurgence of ‘populism’ – clearly articulated in the 2016 EU referendum and US presidential election – has been attributed, at least in part, both to sensationalist coverage of mainstream news providers and the ‘echo chambers’ of a militant social media. Yet there has been insufficient critical scrutiny and systematic assessment of the relationship between media and populism in the current period.

Extending the Populism, People and the Media seminar taking place on May 30th at Goldsmiths, our new special section calls for blog posts addressing these themes. These might address questions such as:

  • What are the predominant forms of populism and what are their distinct features?
  • To what extent have different populisms penetrated state institutions and influenced mainstream parties?
  • What role have the media played in legitimising and challenging populist movements and narratives? How have they represented populist parties and leaders?
  • What strategies have populist movements adopted in relation to the media?
  • To what extent have social media platforms inhibited or facilitated meaningful public dialogue about the growth of populist movements?

Please consult The Sociological Review’s notes for contributors for information about presentation. Posts should be between 1000-2000 words and written in an accessible format. Contact with submissions or questions. 

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