Write for us

We welcome contributions from our community that are relevant to sociology and particularly to the themes to which we periodically draw attention on this website.

Do not send us full articles. Potential contributions must be pitched to our blog editors in 150-200 words via our contact form. Once the editors have indicated that they are keen on your pitch, they will then invite you to send them a full article. Unfortunately, given the large number of submissions we receive, we can only respond to the submissions that we are interested in. Likewise, full articles sent to us without invitation will be ignored.


  • News-related blog posts
  • Photo essays
  • Responses to journal article
  • Videos
  • Essays

Fancy pitching something to us in one of these formats? Use our contact form.

Guidance for writing for our audience

The target audience is the informed, interested general reader, rather than a subject specialist – so avoid writing in the style of journals, and instead write as far as possible in an engaging, accessible way.

The beginning of the piece needs a ‘hook’ that gets the reader’s interest, followed by the ‘angle’ in the second paragraph (approach, preliminary findings, challenge, etc) to show what makes the piece significant and what will be developed in the rest of the article. The first two paragraphs of your article are especially important for capturing the reader, and encouraging them to read on.

A brief statement about the study/authority for claims made can come in the second or third paragraphs, with more detail in a paragraph at the end of the article (after the author bio) giving further links to the project or publications.


Do not use footnotes. The Sociological Review Blog is a web-only publication and uses hyperlinks to direct readers to external resources. You may use in-line citations in harvard style, if you provide hyperlinks to the cited articles. Newspaper articles and blog posts can also be linked, if a URL is provided in the text.

When submitting your piece, please send us a document in Microsoft Word format, indicating full URLs as opposed to embedded links. Do not send Apple Pages or OpenOffice documents.