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Making So Fi, a sociological fiction zine

So Fi, a sociological fiction zine, launched on June 24 2017 online and at the London Radical Bookfair. This zine brings together 21 sociologically-imaginative short stories from writers around the world. You can read the zine online at I decided to create the zine as part of my Endeavour Research Fellowship, part of the Australia […]

Some Thoughts on ‘Sociological Fiction’

By Ashleigh Watson In the seventh part of our special section on Sociology and Fiction, Ashleigh Watson reflects on the unusual status of her doctoral research and addresses the theoretical questions posed by a project which is both fiction and sociology.  Sociology has a long, well-documented history. Developing through the Enlightenment, the Scientific and Industrial Revolutions, and Romantic and […]

Reviewing Sociological Fiction

By Ashleigh Watson How Should We Review Sociological Fiction? ‘How’ is always contextual. Reviewing fiction, like reviewing abstracts for conferences and articles for publication, is done according to relative criteria. The quality of the writing is always a primary focus. The ways we understand that quality depends on various things: why it was written, who […]

Launching Fiction @ The Sociological Review

Thinking and writing sociologically, as The Sociological Review’s manifesto outlines, has always been an art as much as a science. It ‘involves intricate and complex sets of sensitivities and sensibilities that require fostering and developing, orientated towards emerging issues as well as the perennial debates.’ We are seeking high quality fiction that is considered, reflective and attuned […]

Things We Say in the Dark: A Sociological Response from Laura Harris

This post is part of The Sociological Review’s exploration of what it means for something to be ‘sociological literature’. In this strand of the work, practice-researchers and sociologists reflect on sociological encounters with contemporary poetry and prose. Laura Harris ‘Girls are Always Hungry When all the Men are Bite-Size’ is a short story nestled in the middle […]

The Sociological Review Blog

Welcome to The Sociological Review blog. Each month we invite colleagues and accept submissions from academics undertaking sociological interrogations of our chosen digital theme, which we publish here on the blog and in the form of a ‘Residency’ on Instagram. You can browse past and present themes below as well as finding information on how to submit to us. Our […]

Sociological Literature

Fiction @ The Sociological Review We publish sociological short stories that critically and creatively explore the social, as well as the politics and consequences of sociology itself. Edited by Ash Watson. Sociology & Literature Blog Posts Sociologists, practice-researchers, and writers explore the connections between literature and sociology.

Fiction: The Nightclub

By Craig Potter The student mingles. At the culmination of each uncomfortable silence, he steps away before greedily edging forwards to drink from another centre of worldly energy. ‘Which hall are you in?’ ‘What are you studying?’ ‘Where did you come from?’ Closed conversation propels him onward. He expects more. All expect more. They came […]