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We’re making some changes to how we do online publishing!

The online presence of The Sociological Review is crucial in allowing us to connect up with a wide range of publics beyond the academy, and to respond quickly – but in a considered way – to social issues. Against this backdrop, we put a great deal of emphasis on having high quality, publicly-accessible, sociologically-engaged pieces on the pages of the website.

From now on we are going to have a different way of working with this material. Our idea is to – in effect – ‘theme’ our content month-by-month. This will allow us to connect with particular groups in particular parts of the world, and to build other types of activity – for example with Instagram, Twitter, book reviews, sociological fiction, interviews and graphic art – in and around the curated content.

In amongst all of this, there will still be space for the conference reports, the ad hoc pieces of writing and research, and all the other things we will be continue to do.

If you’re interested in writing for us, information about our themes are here.

And thanks so much for following, the comments, and generally showing an interest in what we do – it really means a lot.

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