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Welcome to The Sociological Review blog. Each month we invite colleagues and accept submissions from academics undertaking sociological interrogations of our chosen digital theme, which we publish here on the blog and in the form of a ‘Residency’ on Instagram. You can browse past and present themes below as well as finding information on how to submit to us. Our blog is also home to Book Reviews, Sociological Literature, and ‘News’ from The Sociological Review Foundation; you’ll find opportunities, events, and updates there. 

Our Digital Editors are Charlotte Bates (Reviews), Ash Watson (Sociological Fiction), and Paul Jones (Digital). Our Digital Engagement Fellows Laura Harris and Sarah Perry curate and co-ordinate the digital content. Details on how to contact our team are here.


October 2020: Food

Photograph by Verdine Etoria

August 2020: Sociology in Schools

Illustration by Miriam Sugranyes.

March 2020: Radical Care

Guest edited by Dan Silver and Sarah Marie Hall

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