The Undisciplining Sessions: Episode 3: Decolonisation and anti-racist solidarity within and beyond the University

What should anti-racist solidarity within and beyond the university look like? In this episode, Chantelle Lewis, editorial manager at The Sociological Review, Adam Elliott-Cooper (Kings College London) and Remi Joseph-Salisbury (University of Manchester) discuss the challenges of doing anti-racist work within and beyond the university. They talk about how to build solidarities that weave together understandings of inter-personal and institutional racisms, while also attending to the anti-racist struggles ongoing internationally. And within this, they call for understandings of racism centred on the relationship of capitalism and imperialism.

This episode is available to download here.

The Undisciplining Sessions were recorded at Undisciplining, a conference organised by The Sociological Review Foundation Limited in June 2018. Find out more about The Sociological Review, Britain’s longest-standing sociology journal here

They are produced and edited by Emma Houlton at Art of Podcast.

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