The Undisciplining Sessions – Episode 1: Cycling through Kansas in a time of Trump

In this episode our Managing Editor, Michaela Benson talks to Jenny Reardon (University of California. Santa Cruz) about her ongoing research which has involved riding through the wide, open grasslands and cow towns of Kansas. As she explains, this is a project that was designed to develop embodied knowledge of the land and to find out more about attitudes towards contemporary US politics from the denizens of the prairies. By talking about how to know and care for the land with her interlocutors, she uncovers, layer by layer the interlocking effects of globalisation, financialisation and environmental change on how they live their lives.

This episode is available to download here

The Undisciplining Sessions were recorded at Undisciplining, a conference organised by The Sociological Review Foundation Limited in June 2018. Find out more about The Sociological Review, Britain’s longest-standing sociology journal at

They are produced and edited by Emma Houlton at Art of Podcast

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