The Sociological Review and COVID-19

A message from the Editorial Team

Undoubtedly the last few days have been unsettling and have introduced new challenges to your lives that you have not yet had time to fully process. It is likely that there is some way to go before the ground stops shifting beneath us. 

As an editorial team we have spent some time thinking about how best to address this in respect to the work that goes on behind the scenes at the journal. We have taken the decision to slow things down, to recognise the changes and uncertainties that COVID-19 brings to the priorities and capacities, working and family lives of those within our subject communities and beyond. Now is a time for a radical rethinking of care for ourselves and others; slowing down the production process will help with this as we come to terms with this unprecedented global situation. And while we are not stopping work at the journal—we believe the sociological imagination has a significant and important role to play in shaping understandings of the issues that will be brought into sharp relief in these times—we are going to cut back and to slow down some of the related labour.

For authors, this means there will likely be delays in the review and processing of your paper. With this in mind and to help us manage the workflow behind the scenes, if you have any queries about the status of your submission please first check the online submission system, and only get in touch with our editorial manager, Kaoru Takahashi (, once four months or more have passed since you submitted (or resubmitted) your paper.

Ordinarily, we expect revised papers to reach us within three months and to include a response indicating the changes you have made, but we understand  that at this time you may need a longer period of time to complete your revisions. Please just drop a line to our editorial manager, Kaoru Takahashi (, and she will be able to process your request for an extension.

For reviewers, we will still be sending out review requests, but we will keep this to a minimum. Of course, we completely understand if you prefer not to take on review at present; please just decline our request so we can approach alternative reviewers. For those who are still prepared to review, we have doubled the turn around period for reviews to six weeks, and of course, if you need a longer period of time, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our editorial manager, Kaoru Takahashi ( 

For those preparing applications for our monograph series we are extending the deadline. The most up-to-date information about this will be available on the website.

Thank you for your understanding.

The Sociological Review is more than a journal, and behind the scenes our Trustees, Digital and Editorial Teams are thinking about how we might best utilise our platform and reach to provide space for solidarity and support. So watch this space! And if you have any ideas, get in touch with our digital editor, Paul Jones (

The Sociological Review Editorial Team

Michaela Benson, Steve Brown, Emma Jackson, Marie-Andree Jacob, Paul Jones, Wes Lin, Greg Martin, and Kaoru Takahashi

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