The Sociological Craft Project

Originally posted 20th January 2018

In the appendix to his famous The Sociological Imagination, C. Wright Mills offered a detailed description of his working practices as a guide for aspiring sociologists. He argued that we need “conversations in which experienced thinkers exchange information about their actual ways of working” if students of sociology are to receive a “useful sense of method and theory”.

Much has changed, within the discipline and the university, since Mills wrote this book nearly sixty years ago. Many would argue the challenges of sociological work have only increased, as the academy has been overtaken by audit culture and academic labour has become more intensive. Furthermore, the practical tools we rely on in our intellectual craft have become more extensive and change at a faster rate. For this reason, we invite short reflections on working practices in the spirit of sociologists exchanging information about their ways of working.

Each post should be 500-1000 words in length and focus either on a particular practice, a specific problem or some combination of the two as they are encountered in everyday working life.Posts should be sent to by Feb 28th 2018. Please consult our submission guidelines for information about formatting these posts.

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