The legacy of Brexit: Mobility and Citizenship in Times of Uncertainty

Time: 9:00am – 6:00pm, Friday 31st March, 2017

Location: University of Southampton

Part of the Sociological Review Research Seminar Series A sociology of ‘Brexit’: citizenship, belonging and mobility in the context of the British referendum on EU membership.

Funded by The Sociological Review Foundation

Keynote speaker:

George Szirtes (Poet and translator)
Dr Bridget Byrne (The University of Manchester)

Following the Brexit vote, the future status and rights of EU citizens resident in the United Kingdom and UK citizens living in other EU countries has become uncertain. Whether to leave, stay or protest are questions which now need to be asked and answered by all affected EU ‘migrants’. The third and final seminar in our series aims to explore these issues in detail, with a particular focus on how ‘mobility’ and ‘citizenship’ are experienced in the current circumstances. Bringing together the latest empirical research on mobile EU citizens in the context of the Brexit vote, the seminar will provide an insight into existential anxieties, practices of belonging and new forms of transnational activism.

On a secondary level, and in answering the broader post-disciplinary aims of the series, the seminar wishes to resensitise sociological epistemologies to the ‘fringes’ surrounding ‘every word and every sentence’ uttered by social actors, the ineffable ‘halo of emotional values and irrational implications’ which ‘are the stuff poetry is made of; they are capable of being set to music but they are not translatable’ (Alfred Schütz, The Stranger, 1944). It is, however, only by attempting to ‘translate’ and interpret these ‘fringes’ of discourses and actions that the sociology of ‘Brexit’ can make sense of the various experiences of the unfolding events.

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