Synthetic Biology and the Problem of Interdisciplinary Collaboration and Knowledge Integration

By Jared Commerer Following the advent of innovatory genome-sequencing projects during the 1990s, the domain of synthetic biology has emerged as a burgeoning space of scientific inquiry, technological development, and public intrigue. However, since the mid-2000s, the transfiguration of synthetic biology from a field initially constituted by starry-eyed research manifestoes, to one underpinned by actual […]

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Biosocial Matters: Rethinking the Sociology-Biology Relations in the Twenty-First Century

Following the launch of our most recent monograph, Biosocial Matters, our Digital Fellow Mark Carrigan spoke to joint editor Maurizio Meloni about the transformation of the relationship between Sociology and Biology and what this means for the social sciences and social life more broadly. Originally posted 15th June 2016.

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