September 2020 Newsletter

Current Issue

Our current issue, Volume 68 Issue 5, includes papers on financial crises, Giorgio Agamben and pilgrimage. It also features a Special Section on ‘Intellectual Strategies of Engagement’ which is introduced by Mohamed Amine Brahimi, Marcos Gonzalez Hernando, Marcus Morgan and Amín Pérez. This includes a strategy perspective on the Black Consciousness Movement, a study of Algerian writer Tahar Ouettar and much more.

You can also find all our Online First papers here.

Honourable Discharge Fragment, Sarah-Joy Ford, 2019

Digital Series: Texture

This month’s digital theme is texture. The sensory aspects of living are of great interest to contemporary sociologists. We have published a long-form blog from Eduardo de la Fuente whose 2019 paper in The Sociological Review on ‘Textural Sociology’ inspired this theme. We are also excited to publish work from Melike Sema, who writes on Batik as wearable art; Tess Baxter, who explores texture and Second Life in practice-research; Mohammed Cheded and Alexandros Skandalis who interrogate the relationship between resilience and entertainment in queer digital spaces; and Susan Rottman and Maissam Nimer, who write on the textures of hospitality in relationship to Syrian refugee women in Turkey.

Our Image Maker in Residence is artist Sarah-Joy Ford who works with queer archives through quilting. Follow us on IG for all of her images.

All of the ‘Texture’ digital series can be found here

Photo: Melike Sema Alisan, 2020. Published as part of ‘Better Together’ on Solidarity and Care.

Solidarity and Care

‘Solidarity and Care’ continues to document, report on, and archive the lived experiences, caring strategies and solidarity initiatives of people across the globe during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

We are particularly interested in hearing your reflections on care in everyday life as Covid-19 continues to rearrange our social lives. As lockdowns in some part of the world are eased, while the virus continues its global spread, we want to keep our critical attention on how you are navigating the complexities it continues to throw up. How have your solidarity networks changed over the last few months? How are you and your friends negotiating your social contact together?

Follow the link below for more information on how to take part. As ever, we are open to creative responses – from poetry, to photographs, moving image or sketches.

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