Online Workshop: Social Science Fiction

Date And Time: Wednesday 9th September 2020, 8:30 – 9:30am BST // 5:30 – 6:30pm AEST

Location: Online event

An online workshop on social science fiction with Dr Ash Watson. Supported by The Sociological Review and the Vitalities Lab, UNSW Sydney.

The facts, alone, will not save us.

– Ruha Benjamin

What can stories reveal about the challenges of our time? How can we imagine a different future?

In this workshop, Dr Ash Watson shares her reading list of great sociological novels and reflects on the insights they offer into the critical issues shaping our society. She also shares some practical exercises for those wishing to hone their own sociological fiction writing skills. Supported by The Sociological Review and the Vitalities Lab at the University of New South Wales, this is a workshop for readers and writers alike.

Free to attend. Register for a ticket to access the Zoom link.

Dr Ash Watson is an Australian sociologist and writer. A postdoctoral fellow with the Vitalities Lab, UNSW Sydney, she leads the creative public sociology project and is the invited inaugural Fiction Editor at The Sociological Review. Her work has appeared in Cultural Sociology, Qualitative Research, and the American Journal of Cultural Sociology as well as Australian literary magazines.

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