Past and Present

The Sociological Review began life in 1908 with its second or ‘new series’ being inaugurated in 1953: it is therefore the oldest British journal of sociology as well as being one of the longest established international sociology journals. Past and Present: SR classics from the twentieth century has been prompted by Wiley-Blackwell’s digitisation of SR. Since 2012 the complete run has been available online, securing and widening access to the SR legacy. Our aim is to put this cultural capital to work on behalf of the profession and the wider community.

Past and Present is a wholly online series of papers, each of which revisits significant SR articles from the last century. We republish classic papers on these web pages and, alongside them, a contemporary review written from the perspective of the twenty-first century. The author of each review is an established researcher who works in the field to which the paper relates. These are the current papers in the series:

Each paper (a) places the original in its intellectual context; (b) assesses its impact on the development of the topic or field and (c) reflects on the contemporary sociological relevance of the paper. Authors capture the originality, imagination and interest of the past paper for a twenty-first century readership. SR welcomes expressions of interest in this project.

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