Images and Representations of Welfare over Time

Time: 10:00am – 5:00pm, Tuesday 12th June, 2018

Location: The Storey Institute in Lancaster

We are pleased to announce details of our first seminar in the series which will take place on the 12th June at the Storey Institute in Lancaster. In the seventy years following the birth of the welfare state, and through the current moment of welfare state retrenchment and contraction, we have seen welfare, post-welfare and anti-welfare imaginaries be constructed and circulated across multiple media, including film, television, newspaper and magazine publication, animation and across digital and social media. While future seminars will look to the present day (seminar 2) and the future (seminar 3) this first seminar will look back to the past to consider imagesand representations over time. As well as contributions from a fantastic range of speakers (see below), the seminar will include a zine-making session led by Jean McEwan from Wur Bradford and an optional lunchtime ‘welfare walkshop’ around the city – a guided walk that maps the welfare architecture of Lancaster.

Speakers and activity organisers:

Gill Crawshaw, disability arts organiser and disability rights activist, and organiser of Shoddy, an exhibition of disabled artists’ work

Lynsey Hanley, author of two books, Estates: an Intimate History (Granta, 2007) and Respectable: Crossing the Class Divide (Penguin, 2017)

Michael Lambert, researcher at University of Liverpool exploring the changing governance of the NHS from 1948 to the present day

Chris Renwick, senior lecturer at the University of York, author of Bread for All: The Origins of theWelfare State (Allen Lane, 2017)

Stephanie Snow is a historian of medicine and healthcare at the University of Manchester, leading a heritage project about 70 years of the NHS

Welfare Walkshop with Tracey Jensen and Imogen Tyler

Tracey Jensen is a lecturer in the Sociology department at Lancaster and author of Parenting the Crisis: the cultural politics of parent-blame (Policy Press, 2018)

Imogen Tyler is a professor of Sociology at Lancaster and author of Revolting Subjects: social abjection and resistance in Neoliberal Britain (Zed Books, 2013)

Zine-Making Workshop with Jean McEwan

Jean McEwan is a visual artist and organiser of Wur Bradford, an art and social space in Bradford for imagination and creative action

More details can be found on the website:

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