The Sociological Review seminar series

The Sociological Review Foundation makes available up to £10,000 each year to fund the organisation of scholarly seminars on any subject broadly within the publishing interests of the journal. It particularly supports research seminar series and/or research symposia that bring together established and new researchers to share and produce imaginative cutting-edge work of cultural and social significance. We seek proposals that involve collaborations across institutions and disciplines and welcome those that connect to wider communities and the arts.

The funding to run a single seminar or a series is offered annually through open competition to both widen the scope and readership of the TSR and provide the opportunity for scholars, early career researchers and research groups to benefit from connection and collaboration with TSR.

The deadline for applications for 2018 is Friday 5th October, 2018, 17:00 BST. Further details and an application form are available from The Sociological Review. An application form can be downloaded here. For any enquires regarding the call for proposals and applications for the seminar series, please contact

As part of the Foundation’s mission to serve and enhance the future sociological community, seminars and symposia should also be open to members of sociological teaching groups in colleges and schools. For example, a number of places could either be made available to local colleges and sixth forms, or sessions could be video recorded and offered to these audiences, in order to support and facilitate the development of Sociology and related disciplines.

Guidance for applicants