ECR Support

The Sociological Review Foundation recognises that the changing climate of Higher Education in the UK (and elsewhere) presents particular challenges for ECRs. The requirements for attaining a permanent academic post have now changed to a point where it is very rare for a PhD student to walk into a post immediately. This, added to reductions in funding for postdoctoral research over time, has resulted in an increasingly precarious and lengthy postdoctoral period.

We are proud to support early career researchers, both inside and outside of the academia. Our key activities in this area are listed below. Be the first to hear about these activities by signing up to our newsletter.

The Sociological Review Fellowship

The Sociological Review has a historic commitment to early career researchers through its fellowship scheme, which is based at the University of Keele. The fellowship provides early career sociologists with the opportunity of spending a year writing their first monograph or converting their PhD into journal articles. Read more.

The Sociological Review Kick Start Grants

The scheme is designed to support individuals or small teams of early career researchers pursuing field-based sociological research. We support discrete research projects and/or ‘pump-priming’ activities (for example pilot studies, developing networks for larger grant proposals). Read more.

Conference Bursaries

We offer conference bursaries for unfunded PhD and postdoctoral researchers to present at major conferences. Read more.


Early career researchers are regularly appointed to the Sociological Review editorial board where they receive training on refereeing and other skills under the mentorship of an experienced editor.

The Sociological Review Writing Retreat

Our annual writing retreat, Strictly Come Writing, has been an important feature of our support for early career researchers since 2016. This three-day event provides dedicated writing time in a supportive and non-competitive environment and teaches skills that can be applied to participants’ usual working schedule. Read more.

Other Events

In addition to the events and activities mentioned above, we organise a number of events each year specifically for early career researchers. Furthermore, most of our other events offer travel, accommodation and childcare bursaries to ECRs. Read more.

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