Care and Policy Practices

Time: 5:45pm – 7:30pm, Friday 10th November, 2017

Location: Senate House, University of London

The Sociological Review is thrilled to be launching the latest of their 2017 monographs, Care and Policy Practices. For over fifty years, our monograph series has showcased the best and most innovative sociologically informed work, producing intellectually stimulating volumes that promote emerging and established academics. Care and Policy Practices continues this trend, exploring a seeming currently widespread crisis in care and the relation between policy and care which is under intense scrutiny and contestation.

Care, including an alleged loss of care in public services, has become a focus of increased public concern, political debate and academic research. At the same time, numerous policies have been exposed as ineffective, harmful or deliberately weak. There is a concern that ‘policies’ are not care-full enough and may even promote relations of neglect and suffering. This monograph draws from this context, offering a collection of case studies of locations, relations and heterogeneous entities that make up policy practices in various sites. The contributions explore how policy and care are not separate matters, but are entangled in diverse ways.

The event will include discussion with the guest editors Vicky Singleton (Lancaster University), Claire Waterton (Lancaster University), with Richard Freeman (University of Edinburgh) and Joanna Latimer (University of York) as discussants.

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