Call for Editorial Board Members 2018

Originally posted 15th February 2018

The Sociological Review Journal has been publishing high quality and innovative articles for over 100 years. It is a general sociological journal, covering all branches of the discipline, and its tradition extends to research that is anthropological or philosophical in orientation and analytical or ethnographic in approach. It focuses on questions that shape the nature and scope of sociology as well as those that address the changing forms and impact of social relations. The Journal has provided a place for debate for generations of academics across different fields who use a sociological imagination to approach their object of study. There are four Journal issues each year (including special issues and special sections).

We are currently renewing our editorial board and are seeking 10 individuals at all career stages who wish to take an active role in the life of The Sociological Review and of the Early Career Research (ECR) initiatives of the Sociological Review Foundation.

We’re interested in recruiting board members within all areas of sociology broadly understood, but this time particularly with expertise on:

  • Gender;
  • Family and kinship;
  • Science and Technology Studies;
  • Labor and employment;
  • Creative research methodologies and arts-based research;
  • Sustainability and political ecology;
  • Markets;
  • Religions and religiosity;

The Sociological Review is committed to creating an Editorial Board that is inclusive of the breadth of experiences within academia and wider society. We are aware of structural disadvantage. Our ambition is to consistently present work reflective of the entire academic research community. In order to develop a truly representative Board, we are actively encouraging people of colour, LGBTQI+ and people with disabilities to apply.

Applications process:

Would you like to join us?

1) Make sure that you first get to know us and what we do by having a look at:

2) Familiarize yourself with the main duties and responsibilities of Editorial Board members. They consist of:

  • Refereeing an average of 1-2 papers per month within three weeks of receipt;
  • Attending two editorial board meetings per year;
  • Supporting and participating in various events and projects, including Early Career Research Initiatives;
  • Reviewing applications for special issues, monographs, the SR seminar series, the SR Fellowship, the SR Prize, etc.;
  • Leading review essays and compiling Virtual Issues;
  • Mentoring Early Career Researchers;
  • Raising awareness for and the reputation of the journal;
  • Spreading the word about the SR, and encouraging colleagues to submit to the SR;
  • Planning for the future of the SR

We expect that editorial board members commit to a five-year term, with provision for a one-year extension in cases where duties are on-going at the point of renewal. We aim to have 10 new members in place before the start of the 2018-9 academic year.

3) Send together, in one pdf document:

  • the form below (copy and paste in a separate document);
  • a 2-pg CV (minimum font 12);
  • a 700-word statement of interest;

Send it together in one pdf document to Chantelle Lewis ( before 1st May, 17.00 GMT.


The new Editorial Board members will be selected by the Editors, with reference to the following criteria:

  • Relevance of subject areas, theoretical approaches and methodological orientations, with particular reference to the Journal’s Manifesto;
  • Relevant journal and publishing experience and/or related experience – for example, organising research events, peer reviewing, mentoring ECRs, etc.;
  • Range of institutional affiliation and career stages.

Application Form:




Telephone Number (specify work or other):

Email address:

Please attach:

A maximum 2 side, A4 c.v. (minimum font 12).

A statement of interest, of no more than 700 words explaining why you wish to be a SR editorial board member.

Deadline: 1st May, 2018, 17.00 GMT

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