Announcing our 2018 conference - Undisciplining: Conversations from the Edges


Tuesday 19th September, 2017

In 2018 The Sociological Review will be hosting our largest conference to date! This is a long-overdue celebration of our renewed commitment to fostering collaborations and dialogues that shape the nature and scope of the sociological, to making the sociological matter. Undisciplining seeks to challenge the presumed mainstream of sociological thought, its geographical assumptions and disciplinary hierarchies. It builds on The Sociological Review’s rich history and future ambitions to bring the conversations at the edges into thecentre, to unsettle comfortable and convenient understandings of the social world, and to recognise that the potential of sociological thought and understanding exists through debates that extend beyond disciplines and the university.

We are working hard to develop a lively programme of events. Rather than a classic conference format, we want to encourage different ways of participating, of communicating ideas and research, and providing space for critical and engaged dialogue.

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