An Accelerated Academy Reading List

Sunday 20th December, 2015

In recent years, a rich vein of criticism has emerged concerning the speeding up of higher education and the possible virtues of slow scholarship as a response to this. As part of our special section tied to the Accelerated Academy conference which took place in Prague in December 2015, here's a far from comprehensive reading list for those new to the topic:

  1. The SLOW University – Work, Time and Well-Being by Maggie O’Neill
  2. Should academics adopt an ethic of slowness or ninja-like productivity? In search of scholarly time by Filip Vostal
  3. Life in the Accelerated Academy by Mark Carrigan
  4. Surviving Life in the Accelerated Academy: Problems and Prospects for Digital Scholarship by Mark Carrigan (podcast)
  5. Online Communication in the Age of Fast Academia by Heather Mendick
  6. Is Slow What the Slow University’s About? by Heather Mendick
  7. Is Slow Academia Conservative? by Heather Mendick
  8. on the university as anxiety machine by Richard Hall
  9. Notes on the university as anxiety machine by Richard Hall
  10. The Slow University: Work, Time and Well-Being by Maggie O’Neill
  11. Social Class, Gender and the Pace of Academic Life: What Kind of Solution is Slow? by Heather Mendick
  12. Racing for What? Anticipation and Acceleration in the Work and Career Practices of Academic Life Science Postdocs by Ruth Müller
  13. The Slow University: Inequality, Power and Alternatives by Luke Martell
  14. Slow Movement/Slow University: Critical Engagements by Maggie O’Neill, Luke Martell, Heather Mendick, Ruth Müller
  15. Slow Scholarship: A Manifesto
  16. Networking Our Way Through Neoliberal University by Liz Morrish
  17. The Uberfication of the University by Gary Hall
  18. Accelerated Academia by Filip Vostal
  19. The Paradox of the Underperforming Professor by Liz Morrish
  20. A Feminist Leaves Neoliberal University by Liz Morrish
  21. Gender and Performance in the Neoliberal University by Liz Morrish
  22. Women’s Working Lives in the ‘new’ university by Angela McRobbie
  23. A Call for Slow Scholarship: A Case Study on the Intensification of Academic Life and Its Implications for Pedagogy by Yvonne Hartman & Sandy Darab
  24. Academic life in the fast lane: The experience of time and speed in British academia by Filip Vostal

Here's more you may be interested in: