A new-year's update from The Sociological Review

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Thursday 5th January, 2017

Three years after becoming an independent journal owned by a charity, with an ever-increasing portfolio, our editorial team is changing substantially this year, to further the ambitions stated in our manifesto.

We'd like to register an enormous thanks to professors Sarah Green and Mike Michael who will be standing down, and to Bev Skeggs, who is stepping into a new role as our European editor-at-large.

Since gaining our independence we have changed the editorial board, including new Early Career Researcher positions on the editorial board and a US editor-at-large, Michael Burawoy.

Our new Managing Editor will be Dr. Michaela Benson (Goldsmiths). A past recipient of The Sociological Review Fellowship (2008-9), she joined the editorial board in 2014. Since then she has been significant to the development of Early Career Research provision by SRFL and served as deputy editor. Trained in both social anthropology and sociology, she has a longstanding commitment to theoretically-informed ethnography, conducting research in France, Panama and—closer to home—in London and around the UK. Her two overlapping fields of research, the sociology of migration and research into class, identity, and belonging, are central to the journal’s concerns.

We are also delighted to appoint four new general editors: Dr. Emma Jackson (Goldsmiths), Professor Marie-Andrée Jacob (Keele), Dr. Greg Martin (Sydney) and Dr Tom Slater (Edinburgh). The new team strengthens our commitment to a broad sociology, through the incorporation of socio-legal, cultural, and urban studies and continues our programme of internationalisation.

Dr. Emma Jackson is an urban sociologist and ethnographer. Her research and writing explore the relationship between everyday practices of belonging, the production of spaces and places in cities, and relations of class, inequality and ethnicity. She will have primary responsibility for The Sociological Review’s website curation and will make the links between journal publications and web content that we distribute daily to over 30,000 people.

Professor Marie-Andrée Jacob is a Professor of Law, and brings a much-needed legal humanities perspective to our social science orientation. Her socio-legal work is strongly interdisciplinary, drawing on ethnographic and more recently on archival methods.

Dr. Greg Martin will replace Mike Michael as our Antipodean Editor. Greg is an Associate Professor of Socio-Legal Studies. His research interests include criminal and constitutional law, cultural criminology, political sociology, protest and public order policing, social movements, youth studies. In replacing Mike Michael, he will also take on the role of coordinating and editing our special issues.

Dr. Tom Slater is an urban geographer known for his research on gentrification and displacement, particularly in regards to urban inequality, marginality and territorial stigmatisation. Tom’s appointment extends our expertise into urban geography at its intersections with critical sociological thought.

Some positions will be staying the same, however. Professor Steve Brown (University of Leicester) continues in his role as the editor of our monograph series. Hilja Aunela (University of Helsinki) will continue to be our Editorial Manager; based in Helsinki, she provides day-to-day support to the editorial team. Dr Attila Szanto continues in his role as Administrative Manager, while Dr Jenny Thatcher continues as the Sociological Review’s Events Manager. And our digital strategy will continue to be developed by Marcus Gilroy-Ware (University of the West of England, Bristol and City, University of London) and Dr. Mark Carrigan (The Sociological Review Digital Fellow). Joining them will be Dr Alexis Hieu Truong (Goldsmiths, University of London), who is currently an early career researcher member of the journal’s editorial board, and will help Marcus and Mark produce audio-visual content for the website.

Finally, we are pleased to announce the appointment of our first Sociological Review Fellow of 2017: Dr Meritxell Ramírez-i-Ollé takes up her position on 3rd January 2017. Her work focuses on the key question: how do scientists and other technical experts try to learn about and solve the world’s most pressing problems? She has conducted ethnographic research with climate scientists, uniquely bringing together knowledge and understanding from the sociology of religion with science and technology studies.

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